Sam Wempe
September 15, 2011

Learning Commons Website Redesign

Our team worked intensely with supervisors, co-workers and a multitude of campus stakeholders to completely redesign the website. This involved ripping apart the previous architectures and re-envisioning a new, more intuitive framework backed up by user testing and analytics in an effort to help students learn better. The rollout phase entailed working closely with campus partners to ensure their needs were fulfilled within this new design and generating a buzz on the various campus social networks.

September 1, 2011

Recommended by Rob Peregoodoff

“Working with student-staff at a major institution of higher education can sometimes be challenging…and then you meet young individuals like Sam Wempe who restore your faith. Being able to choose only three attributes from the list is frustrating because all are applicable to this young man. Sam has been an exemplary member of our Classroom Support and Help Desk staff through a very difficult transition period due to construction and personnel changes. He has worked on some very high-profile projects for me (including one involving CIO’s from across Canada) and his work was outstanding. If you are looking to put a bum in a seat, don’t hire Sam; if you are looking to do something special that involves both high-risk and high-reward with a good dose of the unknown, then Sam is for you.”

Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative

source: LinkedIn

August 31, 2011

Recommended by Andre Malan

“Sam was able to operate with very little supervision, problem solving on his feet and making very good decisions. He was able to remain calm and clear headed even when dealing with aggressive and unsympathetic patrons. When faced with very complex issues, Sam had a knack for finding exactly the right person, or group of people to help him solve the issue.

Sam has a great understanding of cultural, technological and economic systems. He has the rare skill of being able to apply his understanding from those areas to others, allowing him to come up with and implement unique and valuable ideas. Sam’s performance played a critical role in the Learning Commons rolling out the most technically advanced and user-centered website at UBC.

Working with Sam was also incredibly enjoyable. He has a great sense of humor, which allowed him to cheer up the team no matter what setbacks we encountered. He was liked by all the other peer assistants and was the one person that they would all often turn to for help.

Sam is a truly exceptional person to work with, if given the opportunity I would work with him again in a heartbeat.”

Source: LinkedIn